Why Granada?

So now you’re here and you might be wondering, why Granada?
This is an easy question to answer for those of us who have been riding since we were kids through its mountains and trails. As you will see, we love to ride around our city and we want you to fall in love with it too. That’s why we are giving you a few reasons for you to choose Granada as your next bike trip destination:

Let’s start with the orography. As cyclists we know how important it is to have nice mountains near our home base, even more so if you appreciate a good climb. In that case your needs will be satisfied here because Granada is surrounded almost entirely by mountains. Among them, we must highlight Sierra Nevada mountain range. Crowned by Mulhacén (3479m), the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula and the third highest in Europe. We will be pleased to take you on the best routes throughout the biggest national park in Spain, particularly its southern slope which is the least known side of Sierra Nevada. You will also discover a cluster of little white towns known as The Alpujarra, the last redoubt of the Muslims in Europe by 1492. These towns are all connected to each other by kilometers of amazing trails at an average elevation of 1200m, making it the perfect escape during summertime.

Aside from Sierra Nevada and its mountains, we have something that will definitely get your attention. If you are not afraid of a little southern heat, then Gorafe’s desert is waiting for you. This is a special spot you never imagined you could find in south Spain. You will think you have been transported to the middle of the Colorado Canyon. Gorafe’s desert is just an hour from the city with an amazing route for riding your bike through miles of dust enjoying stunning landscapes. We’ll be sure to have a cold beer waiting for you at the end of the route.

Now that we are talking about beer, it’s time to be honest. It’s not all about cycling all day long. We know how important it is to have a good recovery and there’s no better way to do that than sharing some drinks while savoring our gastronomy. There’s also time for meeting local people and enjoying the city’s nightlife.

Last but not least, we cannot forget about the culture and history of our city. Hundreds of years of coexistence between Muslims, Catholics and Jews has left its mark in our city, and this makes it even more interesting. Every corner has a story to tell but the Alhambra is the most emblematic monument of Granada. It even gives its name to our local beer. The famous Islamic palace is located at the top of a hill and we’ll be sure to show you the many trails leading to look-outs from where you can watch the iconic castle from a different perspective.

All of this is waiting for you: a wide variety of landscapes, best local food, warm people, and an amazing city with its enviable weather. Enough reasons for you to come to Granada. We are sure you will find plenty more reasons to visit us again once you’re here.