Gorafe Desert

Bali, Morrocco, New York?
By this time you’d probably be choosing your vacation destination. Some idyllic spot to spend a couple of weeks with your partner, kids… A nice all-inclusive resort sounds fantastic, but if it were entirely up to you, you would rather spend a whole day pedaling than sitting on a sun lounger by a pool full of kids. Maybe this year will be different and you won’t be able to enjoy the typical summer vacation that you are used to.

On our end, we haven’t had a single moment’s rest. Instead, we have been working hard, taking advantage of our local paradise and designing the wildest routes so we can offer you a unique experience that will satiate your biker’s thirst with kilometers and kilometers of gravel through landscapes you’d never imagine you could find in the south of Spain.

We have prepared the perfect experience for you: all you’ll have to worry about is pedaling behind our local guides as they show you every corner of this wonderful land. Of course, they’ll offer you all the encouragement and support you need (mechanical and moral).

Surely you’ve seen some photos or even a feature on the Badlands at some point and you’ve wondered where on earth are those landscapes that look like Mars. You’ve probably closed your eyes for an instant and imagined yourself touring those paths without any asphalt. Pedaling from sunrise to sundown. If you believe in the stars, know that they have aligned at last so that you may finally make the trip you’ve always dreamt of but been postponing for years. Now you have the perfect excuse to avoid busy places and enjoy the peace and quiet (and pain) that the Gorafe Dessert offers. This year you will finally be able to go on a vacation far away from touristic attractions, family hotels and disappointing meals. This year you can be the one to impress your colleagues at the office with photos under the burning sun of the dessert.

We don’t want to go into the typical Wikipedia description of the Gorafe dessert. We won’t talk about the origins of the sedimentary rock that’s suffered the erosion of the elements throughout years until finally creating this landscape, or its 10 ancient cemeteries with over 200 dolmens. No, this is a Gravel blog, after all, so instead, we will share some images of this beautiful land from our last Badlands tour and the documentary of the race, in case you haven’t seen it yet. Start getting ready!